Oliver Boots are one of Australia’s premium safety footwear suppliers. Born out of Ballarat in 1887, they have continuously strived to produce quality work boots driven by comfort, performance, and durability.

Oliver Boots provide a full range of safety boots such as Lace Up, Zip Sided, Elastic Sided, Safety Runners and Gumboots, suiting a wide range of industries. They have 25 different footwear features that are jam packed across their range all serving a purpose in looking after your feet.

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  1. Oliver 10 Series Unisex Safety Gumboots 110

    As low as $40.00
  2. Oliver 22 Series Unisex Safety Gumboots 205

    As low as $84.00
  3. Oliver 26 Series Unisex Lace Up Boots 636

    As low as $140.00
  4. Oliver 26 Series Unisex Zip Sided Boots 660

    As low as $154.00
  5. Oliver 34 Series Unisex Lace Up Joggers 613

    As low as $156.00
  6. Oliver 44 Series Unisex Lace Up Runners 500

    As low as $217.00
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