With the precautions presented by Covid-19, many companies are being urged to begin working at home. For some companies, this increases stress and challenges to their IT Security and poses a high threat to their network.

We understand that local businesses rely on us during challenging times such as this. To assist, we are offering a practical solution. Starting at $25 a month (per PC) we are offering a “Remote Workforce IT Services” Package.
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This allows us to detect, neutralize and eradicate Malware, while blocking and
denying access to sites that may be deamed threats to your network.


AEP enables us to secure endpoints against known and
unknown attacks,
including malware and exploits, before they can compromise a system.


We install a remote agent into the PC which allows your computer to
communicate to our team on potential issues the PC unit might be facing.

Additional Security (POA)

2 Factor Authentication or VPN access to your corporate network/s (firewall dependent)

Password Security application

Backups of local device

WiFi Security  

Risk management policy

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